Sparking a Revolution in Metabolic Health

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American healthcare is at a tipping point. Diabetes and obesity have evolved from epidemics to crises. They continue to be two of the costliest, most intractable population health challenges in America.
Industry leaders are on the edge of their seats—if things continue at this rate, healthcare will reach a breaking point. But a crisis like this is also a call for action. What if we changed the way we think about diabetes and obesity? Can “moonshots” thinking turn us around?

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We’re bringing together industry leaders to discuss the biggest breakthroughs in metabolic health

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Debating the Ethics of GLP-1s

GLP-1s remain a controversial topic—while they have been shown to help patients rapidly lose weight, concerns remain about utilization management, cost-effectiveness, the emergence of “digital pill mills”, and aggressive pharmaceutical marketing practices. In this session we’ll bring together a panel of experts to debate the ethics of GLP-1s, and the implications for the future.

Rethinking Obesity Strategies: Combatting the GLP-1 Cost Crisis

Whether your organization has felt the tidal wave of GLP-1 claims yet or not—it’s coming. With an annual price tag of $12,000+ per patient per year, possibly for the rest of the patient’s life, the cost to employers and health plans will be staggering. Employers and health plans have a new set of options to navigate this spike, but the time to reconsider obesity strategies is now.

New Trends Reshaping Health Equity

Health equity has stayed at the top of headlines for the past year, but the rise of GLP-1s and the evolving policy landscape present new challenges to affordability and access. In this session, we’ll ask executives to share new trends they've seen in health equity, and how they plan to address them amidst the changes in election year.

From Crisis to Equity: Reversing the “Diabesity” Epidemic

Diabetes and obesity are two of the biggest and most costly chronic diseases in the country. “Diabesity” is an epidemic, and it disproportionately impacts people of color and those with lower socioeconomic status. And while the pursuit of health equity is a popular topic of conversation, the hard work to actually reduce inequities requires bold risk-taking and constant iteration in how we deliver care. In this session, industry leaders will share details in their effort in making equitable care a reality in their organizations.