Day 1

Wednesday, September 8

Introduction + Keynote

Join us as we kick-off Day 1 of our Moonshots for Health conference, with a special welcome and overview of what's to come.

The Making of a Moonshot

What can we learn from previous healthcare moonshots? Some have failed, others have been wildly successful. A retrospective on moonshots in cancer, hospital safety, and infectious disease.

Day 2

Thursday, September 9

Keynote (Day 2)

Join us as we kick-off Day 2 of our Moonshots for Health conference with a keynote presentation from a special guest, Dr. Bob Kocher

From Hospital to Home-based Care

Even though patients live with their chronic conditions 365 days per year, most of their care takes place in hospitals or office-based settings. What does the future of home-based chronic care look like?