Visions for the Future of Chronic Care

September 8 + 9, 2021
9:30 am–12 pm PT / 12:30–3 pm ET
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What if we applied “moonshot-thinking” to chronic diseases?

Bold thinking is not uncommon in healthcare. We’ve seen it many times throughout history, when groups of dedicated people rally around a common cause, for the good of humanity. Curing cancer. Eradicating polio. Treating HIV. And more recently, developing the COVID-19 vaccine in only a matter of months.

But still, chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and obesity rage on across the globe, representing the world’s most costly and prevalent conditions. What would be possible if we set audacious and attainable goals—moonshots—around these critical issues? What could we achieve for humanity?

We’re bringing together industry leaders to discuss the biggest breakthroughs in chronic care

Featured Themes

The Making of a Moonshot

What can we learn from previous healthcare moonshots? Some have failed, others have been wildly successful. A retrospective on moonshots in cancer, hospital safety, and infectious disease.

Turning the Tide on Obesity

By 2030, more than half of all Americans will have the disease of obesity. How can we reverse this trend, with approaches ranging from pharmacological to behavioral to societal?

Winning the war on type 2 diabetes

Diabetes prevalence rates continue to climb and population-level outcomes are getting worse. What new  treatment paradigms are worth considering that may transform outcomes on a global scale?

FROM hospital to home-based care

Even though patients live with their chronic conditions 365 days per year, most of their care takes place in hospitals or office-based settings. What does the future of home-based chronic care look like?